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It had been a strange night in Sherwood with the King's knights amongst them and Robin and the King talking. Throughout dinner, either Will or John had been at Robin's elbow in case he had need of them and so they could tell the others what was missed as Allan sang songs of King Arthur. Now the caves had been given over to the King and his men though Robin and the King still spoke as John and Will passed between them a wooden mug of Tuck's strongest mead.

"This is true, aye? The Good Folk 'avena taken us up an tricked us," Will asked to the darkness and John grunted before touching the blade of his dagger to Will's arm. At the touch of steel, Will and John said a prayer together and the world remained the same, King Richard illuminated by the fire's glow and Robin beside him.

"Tis true, Will though I've na idea what it means. Are we to become guards, stewards, proper men o'the land? I think I've forgotten the way o'it," John rumbled and Will grinned though it never reached his eyes.

"We'll serve Robin an the King an England isna free yet. There'll be blood an the proper king shall sit upon the throne. But we're na Arthur's men, just Robin's," Will said as he took another swig.

"Aye, we're Robin's an King Richard's an Sherwood's an alive."

"Oh aye, I'll drink to that an bein' alive to seein' Richard where 'e should be," Will lifted the mug and took a gulp before passing it to John. Then they watched the fire burn low as King Richard plotted with Robin of Locksley how a dark time would be ended.
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The fog sat heavily on Sherwood keeping most travelers in as they didn't wish to lose the path, but a group of Crusader Knights chose to walk the fog. They kept their hands on loosely on their swords as they walked as Sherwood stirred with her own strange sounds. The lead knight paused to stare at a great stag that appeared for a moment in the fog and seemed to meet his eyes before moving on. He turned to his men and said quietly, "Sherwood has grown stranger since I was last here."

"And when was that, Crusader?" A calm voice asked from the fog as every knight unsheathed their blade but their leader said, "Too long ago, England is much changed. Now show yourself. I'll not talk to a spirit or a coward that won't show his face."

From the trees there was a laugh with a thread of tiredness in it as a lithe figure dressed in the green of the forest landed on the path in front of the knight and bowed, "You ask and I appear. Now tell me why you're going through Sherwood on a day when the weather pushes all others away."

"Because I wished to meet you, Robin of Locksley with no chance of anyone disturbing us."

In the silence of those words, the silken sound of bows being drawn could be heard as Robin met the Knight's gaze as still and calm as the stag had been, "You have met me and I and my men listen."

The Knight motioned his men to put down their weapons as he spoke, "I've been away from England too long and have heard and seen the good you do and wish your help in restoring my England to what she should be. Will you stand by your king, Robin of Locksley?"

Robin looked into the trees, knowing where all of his men were and then back to this knight, to King Richard. From the fog, eight men in green with longbows descended, all held taut as they waited, unsure if truly some sort of end of their fight might stand before them.

"This isn't the place for us to speak. Will you trust me enough to walk into Sherwood under my protection," Robin asked before Richard nodded and soon the Crusaders and outlaws had disappeared into the fog to discuss if hope had returned to England.
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The knight had traveled the course of England, listening or what was said and what wasn't. He heard of taxes raised beyond bearing and men had forgotten that might does not make right. At every tale he would nod and notice those who would not speak more to him, for he was a knight and all nobles did share some blood. North he went until a storm trapped in Lincoln where there were whispers of those who provided Lincoln Green for the outlaws of Sherwood.

It was always shushed around him but finally a boy not even twelve told him in a rush, "You see, sir, Robin saved me Papa. When the men came for him with whips and chains, Robin came with his men and his arrows. He said, no, this isn't right. He has done no more than you asked him and you shall ask him no more. The men did scatter like birds, angry and full of curses but have not returned. Since then he's given them good cloth, not fine, but he's never asked for that, just cloth to last them through their trials. But their trials and our shall end, milord, Richard shall return."

The knight nodded as the boy's father chased him away with an apology of how his head was full of dangerous stories.

As the winter laid its cloak upon England, the knight lay not in state but in the guest room of a fine inn where all of Lincoln and travelers upon the road spoke of the cold and what was missing. In his sight, they were quieter as they knew not who he might have been but he listened as did his men. England had changed much since he was last here but then he was not the man who had left.
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A knight has returned to England with his men, but instead of rushing to his home and the brother who waits for him, he takes his time. On his journey back to England, he heard tales of pain and heroism and as he had heard such stories before going to the Crusades, he doesn't fully believe them. So he has decided to become a pilgrim in his own land with his men who have followed him to the Holy Land and back.

In Dover no one looked too hard at them, Crusaders were always returning with their tans and wonderment at what was once their home and soon would be again. Merchants talked of outlaws to beware of and the newest taxes as the knights began to plan a route north to find out which stories hold truth.

As they traveled, doors opened to their coins and crosses with talk of all that had changed under the rule of John and worries about the coming winter. Behind them small rumors grew of a wise knight who was searching for something in England, he seemed on a quest but what he searched for was in doubt.
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There are days when the fight seems neverending and the only hope exists in Robin's eyes that see a better future for Nottingham. Now though there are rumors of Richard returning and he wants to believe that that the king will help. But he knows and he saw in Doc's eyes that they're outlaws, happy endings aren't usually given to them.

That's why he's out at the punching bag with his shirt off and hitting all the things that he can't change.
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In Nottingham, there's always a price though sometimes its not apparent until the thaws have passed. Little John escaped and Robin once more made a fool of the Sheriff. Months had gone by but that has simply meant the Sheriff has planned and considered.

On a day when the trees of Sherwood are showing their green buds to the world, the first of many small blows began to fall. The first came on the edge of the trees, where the wild of Sherwood began to seem tamed by a charcoal-burner's hut that was destroyed in minutes. There was no warning just the thunder of hooves before swords and staffs brought down destruction and left in their wake, a ruin of a home and a dead family.

Near the road to Lincoln, another blow fell, this one subtler as all the horses at the first inn were taken as the travelers cowered in fear. The news came to the men from all parts of the forest and they tried to be everywhere at once.

Robin, John and Much to the inn as Will, Allan and Tuck found the ruins of the charcoal-burners. It was a beginning and all eyes that turned upon them were full of fear and some of anger. This Spring would be full of blood and swift destruction.
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The Sheriff thought he could keep secrets from the people of Nottingham and the men of Sherwood but he forgot that all walls can listen. A message from a maid to a brother to a woodcutter and soon to Sherwood that spoke of when John was to be hung and the extra guards that had been brought in. It left little time for planning and Will saw no doors but perhaps this fight was meant for the men of Sherwood as his rescue had been.

They gathered what men they could that would risk their lives for a man of Sherwood and as always were amazed at how Nottingham rose up around them to provide weapons and information.

Too soon the time drew near and as the church bells chimed in the deep of the night, they made their way to Nottingham. The extra guards on the walls were silenced with fists and those who cried out to die soon found their wishes met. Then they waited for the dawn with the gallows rising from the market square promising death for any who stood upon it. As the light seeped through the low hanging clouds that spoke of a storm soon to come, all of Nottingham stood in the square and by their doors.

Little John was led out struggling each step of the way and if he knew who waited for him in the grey light, he gave no sign. It took four men to get him upon the scaffold and he looked at the Sheriff and said, “Ye may hang me for bein’ Robin’s man but he willna fall.”

Then he stood before the noose as an arrow flew to strike the beam above his head and the men of Sherwood emerged from shadows and cloaks. Will dealt quickly with the men on the stairs and cut John free so they stood to fight all before them. The Sheriff cried for his soldiers and there was bloody fighting as the people of Nottingham aided as they could, but it was a hard battle and the gates clanged down with Sherwood holding her men safe. Lightning darted across the sky and rain began to fall that would wash away the blood but not what brought it and kept it there. Nottingham’s scars were deep and new ones had been created, but for this day there was a measure of hope as Little John was once more a man of Sherwood.
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A winter storm brought rain and ice to Sherwood not long after the attack that threw Will into Milliways. They weren't able to get any news because it was impossible to go anywhere and they had to focus on keeping warm.

When things finally started to warm up, Will volunteered to go to Nottingham and see what he could find out. He'd barely been through the gates before he heard a guard laughing and saying, "Come spring, this one will hang."

"Aye, an the other will come."

They passed through the market square with Will not far behind, his heart pounding as he walked past the gallows and tried to not miss a word, "We'll need a stout rope for 'im."

"Aye, an 'e 'as to wait for the first thaw."

Will couldn't listen anymore and ducked through the door of a burned out shop to think.
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Will is always on the lookout for doors in Sherwood, but he's not surprised when they're far between. He knows in his bones that he won't lose Milliways, but he is grateful to have some time to think on all that's passed.

Some days though there's an ache, he wonders how Guppy's children are looking, what new troubles Atton has found and if Doc's plans have happened yet. Then he fades into the hard work of surviving and protecting and Milliways moves to his dreams and memories.

Little John hasn't stopped being angry instead he seems to have become quieter, a dark and unhappy figure. Everyone treads carefully around him, Will is the only one who will yell at him and fight him but it never does enough to truly break the tension.

Finally Tuck after being told off for how the stew tastes one time too often, "If ye wish to fight, fight our enemies. Go in disguise and break some heads."

John grumbled and chose a beggars' disguise of rags and tatters before stooping his great frame with a smile, "Now I may chatter and grumble as I wish."

The men watched him go as the snow began to fall again, he would gain news and Sherwood some peace for a time.
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Power and loyalty are complicated things, when you have men with strong wills living and fighting together, a balance has to be found. Yet sometimes that balance shifts and starts to tremble.

The Fair passed with no great excitement, though Little John spoke often to hunters to see what the Sheriff was asking for them. He brought a cloud with him to Sherwood as he muttered about how he could do better.

Sparring matches between him and Will grew more violent as they began to argue about how Robin led the men. John would grumble and finally agree that perhaps Robin knew what he was doing, but it never felt like quite enough.

Will was tired, he hadn't seen many doors to Milliways and time kept playing tricks on his Kate, he missed her and worried for her. Soon it will be tax time as John's unhappiness frays at all the men.
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The rain has slowed, but not fully stopped. Allan pulls up his cloak and gestures to Daiki,

"Should make things easier as all the good souls will be in the taverns drinking and quite glad to hear some fine music."
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The next day it rains and rain so it becomes a day for chores in Sherwood. Tuck is working on the stew and doing some mending.

John, Allan and Robin are fletching arrows as Will hones their blades.

A Burning

Jun. 5th, 2010 01:53 pm
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In the early morning, guards come down to grab Daiki, stripping off most of his clothing and hauling him upstairs.

There's an eerie quiet in the morning, Nottingham has never been known for burning witches, more for hanging outlaws.
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Nottingham is busy today as everyone is selling what they can.

The market square is full of farmers who wish they had more and everywhere the Sheriff's men watch and take what they want.

There are few places that are truly quiet but in an alley not far from the market, there is a bit of silence.
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Nottingham is full of strangers with the Fair and so one more won't cause any excitement.

The fights haven't started yet but they will soon and there's something to see every where.
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They came with the snow, their cloaks hidden by it and horns rang out through Sherwood. No one had known anything was being planned, suddenly they were there and the only moments that mattered were now and that next sword.

As the snow kept falling, arrows were useless and soon blood was making the pure snow pink. Will knew he'd taken a few bad hits, his eye was swelling from where he'd been hit with a hilt and he could feel the cold in too many places.

Yet they kept fighting, because no one was going to rescue them, they had to save Nottingham. After what felt like hours but was probably not even an hour, they pushed them back to the road and farther back, the soldiers giving way at the stubborn determination of the outlaws.

No one could manage any shouts of victory since it didn't feel like much of one. Instead they worked back to the caves and bandaged what they could as the falling snow obliterated blood and those who fell.
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There's a sharp chill in the air as they step through the door. Will pulls his cloak around him and moves out of the way for Atton,

"'ere we are. Could do with 'ittin' someone."
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Autumn has come to Sherwood and there's a bite to the air as the leaves change colors. Will pulls up his hood as he leaves Atton out onto the road,

"Lincoln, aye?"
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The weeks leading up to tax time felt far too long since every day there was someone to test themselves against the men.

Time to rest and sleep and recover or even to hunt disappeared into one more fight, one more person who had forgotten all they'd done. Will found some small rests in Milliways but always the grind remained.

The tax was actually a relief, to attack men who deserved it, guards paid by the Sheriff not faces they knew and the spill of gold onto the road made more sense. Distributing the tax helped to right things as faces still carrying bruises looked up in surprise at help, they hadn't believed would happen.

Finally everyone could sleep and Tuck cleaned out the pot as it was time to prepare for Winter.
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The next day is hot in Sherwood and someone has constantly been on watch for the men coming from Lincoln.

Its not after mid day that John's horn sounds through Sherwood and everyone starts towards the road from different ways to face these men.


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