Apr. 6th, 2014

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It had been a strange night in Sherwood with the King's knights amongst them and Robin and the King talking. Throughout dinner, either Will or John had been at Robin's elbow in case he had need of them and so they could tell the others what was missed as Allan sang songs of King Arthur. Now the caves had been given over to the King and his men though Robin and the King still spoke as John and Will passed between them a wooden mug of Tuck's strongest mead.

"This is true, aye? The Good Folk 'avena taken us up an tricked us," Will asked to the darkness and John grunted before touching the blade of his dagger to Will's arm. At the touch of steel, Will and John said a prayer together and the world remained the same, King Richard illuminated by the fire's glow and Robin beside him.

"Tis true, Will though I've na idea what it means. Are we to become guards, stewards, proper men o'the land? I think I've forgotten the way o'it," John rumbled and Will grinned though it never reached his eyes.

"We'll serve Robin an the King an England isna free yet. There'll be blood an the proper king shall sit upon the throne. But we're na Arthur's men, just Robin's," Will said as he took another swig.

"Aye, we're Robin's an King Richard's an Sherwood's an alive."

"Oh aye, I'll drink to that an bein' alive to seein' Richard where 'e should be," Will lifted the mug and took a gulp before passing it to John. Then they watched the fire burn low as King Richard plotted with Robin of Locksley how a dark time would be ended.


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