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There's a sharp chill in the air as they step through the door. Will pulls his cloak around him and moves out of the way for Atton,

"'ere we are. Could do with 'ittin' someone."
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Autumn has come to Sherwood and there's a bite to the air as the leaves change colors. Will pulls up his hood as he leaves Atton out onto the road,

"Lincoln, aye?"
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The next day is hot in Sherwood and someone has constantly been on watch for the men coming from Lincoln.

Its not after mid day that John's horn sounds through Sherwood and everyone starts towards the road from different ways to face these men.
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On the edge of Lincoln, a field has been lined with torches and music is filling the summer air.

Will grins at Atton, "Thought there'd be some music."
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Will and Atton are on the road to Lincoln, its been raining through the morning but its cleared up and Will is grinning,

"Just 'membered that they're 'avin' their Fair so should be some fightin' for ye."
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When Will opens the door, its hot in Sherwood and the air is heavy and humid. The other men aren't too far away and give a wave to Will and Atton as Will asks,

"Any more trouble?"

"Na yet, but Allan's goin' to the inn to see if 'e can 'ear more."

John answers and sighs, none of them like what's coming.


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