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2010-01-07 02:02 pm

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They came with the snow, their cloaks hidden by it and horns rang out through Sherwood. No one had known anything was being planned, suddenly they were there and the only moments that mattered were now and that next sword.

As the snow kept falling, arrows were useless and soon blood was making the pure snow pink. Will knew he'd taken a few bad hits, his eye was swelling from where he'd been hit with a hilt and he could feel the cold in too many places.

Yet they kept fighting, because no one was going to rescue them, they had to save Nottingham. After what felt like hours but was probably not even an hour, they pushed them back to the road and farther back, the soldiers giving way at the stubborn determination of the outlaws.

No one could manage any shouts of victory since it didn't feel like much of one. Instead they worked back to the caves and bandaged what they could as the falling snow obliterated blood and those who fell.