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Sir Guy's manor was bustling though most of the activity had cursing underlying it. The ride from Nottingham was hard for the Sheriff's men, everything got in their way from trees to animals, at a certain point they gave up counting how many carts were stolen. Now they're all just trying to get drunk and not get caught.

Outside, the Merry Men have a plan for causing Sir Guy and the Sheriff some more trouble, Allan will sneak inside and disturb the feast by calling the servants away. While Will is going to let all the horses loose, they can do much more good elsewhere, some of them were stolen from peasants anyway. Under the cover of twilight, Will and Allan move in towards the castle and before they seperate Allan gives Will a look,

"Na gettin' 'urt, Will, need ye in one piece."

"Promise I willna, Allan, just glad to be useful 'gain."

At that Allan sings a light refrain of a song he's working on about Will, so Will thwaps him and they both move into the dark places of the manor.
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Not far from Laini's hideout, there were the sounds of children playing. They were there most days, Hilda, Jamie, Henry, and John playing various sorts of games.

Today it was tag and King Arthur's Knights,

"I slay ye Mordred to keep England safe!"

"Aw, 'enry, ye always get to be the King, tis my turn this day."


"Tis too, ye've been 'im too often. Could play at outlaws."

"Shh, Jamie, dinna say that, we'll get in trouble."

"Why, they're as good as the Knights."

Then another older voice breaks in with a clump of boots,

"Oi, did ye 'ear that, Ronald, the outlaws are as good as our lord."

A chorus of nays and bowing then the sound of flesh striking flesh.
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No one chases after her and the Green soon envelopes her in its quiet and magic.
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At least the landing is soft, the start of Spring means when she falls its into an herb garden of a small cottage.


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