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Will is packing and giving Sparrow pets as he picks out a suit to bring along and watches Kate get ready.
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The day of the attack was crisp and cold as everyone prepared. Will and Tuck doing their best to look poor and desperate for work so Will kept only his knife at his belt as he took a staff.

Tuck nodded and the leaned on his own staff as he tucked some small supplies into his side bag.

Robin was prepping his bow and laying out arrows to make sure there were enough for everyone since he, Kate and Allan would be bringing down the guards as John snuck around to the postern gate.

Everyone is pulled tight with tension and hopes, for they will take this man down and hopefully the cost will not be greater than its been.
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Tuck walks Kate through the gate of Nottingham with his hood down and smiling and greeting everyone.

The market is bustling today so they can slip in easily and are barely given a second look as Kate's outfit is simple and of about the same quality of many of the women there.
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The day is crisp and cold as they all spread out to do their various chores. Will and John head towards Nottingham to do some hunting and pick up a few supplies.

Robin nods to Kate to accompany him for a serious scouting of the situation at the manor, he wishes to form a plan and also wants to speak to her again.

Tuck and Allan will stay around the camp to keep watch for any who might need them as well as being needed back up.


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