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The knight had traveled the course of England, listening or what was said and what wasn't. He heard of taxes raised beyond bearing and men had forgotten that might does not make right. At every tale he would nod and notice those who would not speak more to him, for he was a knight and all nobles did share some blood. North he went until a storm trapped in Lincoln where there were whispers of those who provided Lincoln Green for the outlaws of Sherwood.

It was always shushed around him but finally a boy not even twelve told him in a rush, "You see, sir, Robin saved me Papa. When the men came for him with whips and chains, Robin came with his men and his arrows. He said, no, this isn't right. He has done no more than you asked him and you shall ask him no more. The men did scatter like birds, angry and full of curses but have not returned. Since then he's given them good cloth, not fine, but he's never asked for that, just cloth to last them through their trials. But their trials and our shall end, milord, Richard shall return."

The knight nodded as the boy's father chased him away with an apology of how his head was full of dangerous stories.

As the winter laid its cloak upon England, the knight lay not in state but in the guest room of a fine inn where all of Lincoln and travelers upon the road spoke of the cold and what was missing. In his sight, they were quieter as they knew not who he might have been but he listened as did his men. England had changed much since he was last here but then he was not the man who had left.
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