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In Nottingham, there's always a price though sometimes its not apparent until the thaws have passed. Little John escaped and Robin once more made a fool of the Sheriff. Months had gone by but that has simply meant the Sheriff has planned and considered.

On a day when the trees of Sherwood are showing their green buds to the world, the first of many small blows began to fall. The first came on the edge of the trees, where the wild of Sherwood began to seem tamed by a charcoal-burner's hut that was destroyed in minutes. There was no warning just the thunder of hooves before swords and staffs brought down destruction and left in their wake, a ruin of a home and a dead family.

Near the road to Lincoln, another blow fell, this one subtler as all the horses at the first inn were taken as the travelers cowered in fear. The news came to the men from all parts of the forest and they tried to be everywhere at once.

Robin, John and Much to the inn as Will, Allan and Tuck found the ruins of the charcoal-burners. It was a beginning and all eyes that turned upon them were full of fear and some of anger. This Spring would be full of blood and swift destruction.


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