Nov. 10th, 2013

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A knight has returned to England with his men, but instead of rushing to his home and the brother who waits for him, he takes his time. On his journey back to England, he heard tales of pain and heroism and as he had heard such stories before going to the Crusades, he doesn't fully believe them. So he has decided to become a pilgrim in his own land with his men who have followed him to the Holy Land and back.

In Dover no one looked too hard at them, Crusaders were always returning with their tans and wonderment at what was once their home and soon would be again. Merchants talked of outlaws to beware of and the newest taxes as the knights began to plan a route north to find out which stories hold truth.

As they traveled, doors opened to their coins and crosses with talk of all that had changed under the rule of John and worries about the coming winter. Behind them small rumors grew of a wise knight who was searching for something in England, he seemed on a quest but what he searched for was in doubt.


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